When you are healthy, your body stands the absolute best chance of healing itself from illness.  Now you can get healthy, lose weight, or learn how to reverse a bothersome or life-threatening illness from the privacy of your home.

Learn a completely different way of looking at health, weight-loss and natural healing. Good health is less about what you add to your body, like medicine, surgery or radiation. Natural healing is more about the unnatural things you take away, like incorrect eating habits, improper thinking, and convenient immobility.

Whether you want to simply get healthier and feel better, or whether you want to rid your body of a major illness, you can make the right decision. This course is not for fad-seekers, but for those of you who want a naturally healthy way of living that is sustainable and permanent.

These are simple lifestyle changes for you to make that will improve your health. You will be given options, and asked to come up with solutions that best suit your individual lifestyle. These are health and weight-loss related themes that will get you where you want to be.   What is your personal health goal?

“Doctor, heal thyself.” You will learn to think for yourself, and use your natural common sense to solve your health problems. You will learn how to trust yourself, how to call upon your own natural wisdom. There are no wrong answers, just better ways of doing things … and you will figure things out for yourself.

“No self-respecting disease can live in a healthy body.” When your body gets healthy, disease must leave. This method is simple, just not what society has accustomed you to. “Our bodies are miraculously made…” Your body is constantly striving to correct itself and get rid of illness, and it can! Disease happens when we don’t allow our bodies to do their job. Disease happens when we get in the way, when we do things that stop this natural miracle from happening. Natural healing is simply a matter of getting healthy so that the body can fix itself. My goal for you is that you get, and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

These are the very same instructions I would give you were we standing face-to-face, consulting one-on-one. The entire course will last for eight weeks. Natural healing is permanent, and needs time to work. It is said that it takes 21 days in order to change a habit. We need to change about 8 of them. You will receive a new lesson each week. You will work on approximately one habit or subject per week, which includes a home assignment.

You will receive no guarantees or promises here. Your results will depend entirely on the effort you put into doing as instructed. It is one thing to KNOW what to do, but another thing to actually DO it. Results only come from doing. In other words, excuses will only cause you not to achieve your goals. It is said that “nothing changes if nothing changes.”

There are no scores to achieve, no grades assigned, and no tests will be given. Your success with this course will depend on how much you put into doing the sometimes irreverent, and seemingly unorthodox exercises. What you get out of this course will depend on the personal effort you put into it. You will know if you succeeded or passed, based on your own body’s outcome. Your results will show on your body, your face, and in your ever-widening smile.

During this initial start-up time, this course will be offered for a one-time fee of $49 for an entire eight weeks. What a small investment this is in order to make your dream of perfect health and weight-loss come true! Make sure you get in on this start-up price before it’s gone.

Please, tell a friend now. 

Always wishing you the very best of health!