We have gotten too soft!  Most of us are so weak that we cringe at the thought of not keeping ourselves overstuffed at all times.  Please understand that it is only when we are no longer digesting foods that our bodies can begin to work on cleaning, repairing and replenishing themselves from the inside.

If you think you can fast for a whole day, or you just want to try, please join me any Monday for a complete liquid fast.  The fast should include drinking juices (as much as you like), and even smoothies.  And no … you cannot juice a steak in the blender.  LOL!  Trust me, I’ve already tried!  We simply want to get into the habit of giving our stomachs a break from constantly digesting food.

For years I have fasted on water alone every Monday.  I eat my last meal on Sunday evening, then don’t eat again until I wake up on Tuesday morning.  If Monday is not a good day for you, then choose another day.  It should be a day when you have nothing much to do.  It’s not easy nor fun to fast when you are guided by a busy schedule that has you running around doing things.  This drains your energy and makes you want to eat.  Neither is it good to watch TV and have to suffer through all the tempting food ads.  

Besides keeping my weight down, I find that fasting really strengthens and disciplines me mentally.  I know that I am no stronger than you are.  Doing this will cost you nothing, but will give you plenty of benefits in return.

‘Best of health to you!

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