Our bodies were wondrously made. They are constantly working hard to repair themselves.  All we need do is get healthy and get out of the way of the process. Many serious illnesses have corrected themselves simply by getting the body healthy, then doing nothing more. 


But, how do I get healthy?  Most of us admit that we don’t really know how to get healthy; do you?  Do product makers know?  Do they even care?  Does your doctor understand natural healing?  Can pharmaceuticals help make you  healthy?  Are you confused about what to do?

May I assist you?  Are you interested in having me personally coach you back to good health and increased energy … regardless of where you live?  This is not a recording, but a live one-on-one conversation.  Illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and weight gain are usually the first ones to fall away.

I can’t tell you what your exact needs will be until I lay eyes on you, speak to you, or probe you with several questions.  In other words, I must first get a feel for you and your present lifestyle.  Getting healthy is usually a matter of refining some of the things you already do … a simple matter of changing your lifestyle and habits.  You cannot get healthy overnight, no matter how hard you try. Natural healing takes a good deal of time, often up to six months, depending on you.  I have learned many secrets that will help you transition smoothly into a healthier new you.

can tell you that my methods are all natural and completely safe. They do not interfere negatively with your present situation.  They include things like suggesting the right amount of water for you to drink daily, tweaking your diet, showing you how to juice, what juices are best for your condition, discovering the right kind of movement for you, the best method of bowel elimination, mental stress relief and more. I will suggest ways to make the transition easier for you.  My methods are slow, easy and very personalized.  It is said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, but we will take 30 days to work on each needed change, one habit at a time.  This is why these changes can take so long, we want them to last a lifetime.

I do not diagnose conditions, treat illness or prescribe medicine. Our discussions will be more in-depth and knowledgeable if you have already read my book entitled “Change Your Mind … Change Your Body,” which can be found under the E-books tab above.  You can ask questions and receive immediate answers.  I’ll answer your questions and give you many helpful suggestions and shortcuts. (I’ll also be happy to talk with you about my own personal healing journey; what I did to overcome illness; and what I learned along the way about natural healing that might help you too).

How does it work?  We set up a series of private conversations.  You tell me if you prefer talking by video-phone, telephone, or e-mail.  We talk as frequently as needed through whatever method you choose.  You set your own schedule, you decide how often we speak, you proceed at your own pace, and you determine how long we work together.  You will soon know if you want to work with me for only one month, six months, or longer.  I suggest we start by talking a minimum of at least one call per week, one month at a time.   Together, we get your body in the perfect condition to allow it to correct itself.

What if I only want to lose weight?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  Although most people come to me for healing advice, I admit that helping others lose weight is my favorite thing to do.  After all, I lost over 200 pounds myself, and have kept it off effortlessly for more than twenty-five years.  Getting healthy means that your weight regulates itself naturally. If you are overweight, you will shed pounds. If you are underweight, you will gain pounds. The best part is that weight control will now be permanent for you, no more yo-yo diets that don’t stick. You can lose a lot of weight very fast the natural way, but I’ll have you shed (or gain) only a few pounds each week.  (The slow way is almost always the healthiest way.)

What does it cost?  Although I started out doing this work for free, it soon became overwhelming for just one person.  Unfortunately, I must now charge for my time.  My rate is still minimal, $1 per minute, regardless of whether we work by video-phone, telephone or e-mail.  (However, e-mailing eats up time much faster than calling).  Since you pay as you go, you won’t feel you are wasting your time or your money.  Each call typically lasts 20 minutes, but you may decide if you want to talk for more or less time.  You pay $20 weekly, or you can save money by paying by the month This six month investment in your health is more than worth it.

 How to get started?  Simply send an e-mail to to let me know of your interest.  I will instruct you on how to proceed from there.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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