Electrify Yourself

Dr. Sebi, a famous African natural healer who was known for curing cancer, aids, and other “incurable” illnesses, used to tell us to eat “electric foods.”  Electric food increases the copper within our nervous system, thus enabling a greater use of our brain and senses.  Electricity is the reason our bodies can move around, crawl, walk, run climb, lift, etc. 

Raw, electric foods are found in nature.  They are not hybrid, genetically modified or irradiated.  They are alkaline, and have a pH balance of 7.0 and above.  Without electricity, your body cannot move. Lemons and limes are highly electric.  I’ve never tried this, but it is said that an electric meter, when placed in a glass of this pure juice, will light up.  

I squeeze a lemon or a lime into a small amount of water and drink it every morning.  I invite you to join me in this ritual.


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