Fear Lowers Immune System

Are you feeling stressed and afraid?  Are you tired of staying home and hiding out from the dreaded Coronavirus?  Are you worried about running out of food?  

Regardless, of how you feel, I want you to stop right now, take a long, deep breath … hold it … hold it … now breathe.  Heck, take two or three!  Now, relax. 

There are many opinions about how it started, why it’s here, and where it may be leading us.  Did you know that more people by far, die each year from the flu than have already died from this virus?  However, until we know more, it would be better to slow down and play it safe.

Fear lowers your immune system more than anything else.  A lowered immune system allows viruses to creep into you.  I googled how many times the phrase “fear not” shows up in the Bible.  I gave up counting after seeing it more than a hundred times! 

Fear not friends,

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