Step #1 In Healing Yourself Naturally

I don’t know your situation, where you live, whether you work or not, etc.  It would help if we could talk and I could ask you some questions about your lifestyle.  That being said, I can tell you that drinking an absurd amount of water is for everyone the first step towards getting rid of your illness.   

I don’t know if you are able to start with a full gallon daily, or only a half gallon.  Don’t drink more than a gallon daily!  Depending on how much water you think you can drink daily, get an empty container that size (a whole or half gallon).  Every morning, fill it with the purest water you can find.  I don’t suggest using water from the tap, since it probably has added chemicals.  Drink it all down before going to bed every night.  Drink most of it in the morning so that you are not up all night running to the bathroom.  Bathroom use will be challenging at first, but will get easier with time. Continue to drink this much water every day, and forever. 

For more detailed help, I will be glad to assist you by telephone or Zoom through all the other 7 steps.  When your body gets healthy, it rids itself from illness.  It usually takes between 2 to 10 months to do so, depending on where you are when you start, and how seriously you work at it.  

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